Centralized Error Notification for Multi-Tenant Instances and Workflows

Hello Morpheus Community,

I am part of a team managing a multi-tenant environment using Morpheus’ CMP. As we scale and allow more users to work simultaneously on the platform, we’ve encountered a challenge: there doesn’t appear to be a native feature for sending error notifications from instances or workflows to a centralized mailbox or similar system.

As the central platform operators, it’s crucial for us to be informed about all failed executions. This will enable us to promptly address issues and provide efficient support. We are looking for guidance or best practices on setting up such a notification system within Morpheus.

Could anyone share insights or suggestions on how to implement this? Are there any built-in features or integrations that we might have overlooked, or would this require a custom solution?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Best regards,
Marvin Lorenz