Instance Lease Expiry policy Mail notification to Admin team

Hello Team,

Need your help here please.

I have a Shutdown policy configured on my Production Morpheus server. It sends lease expiry emails to all instance owners 15 days prior to shutdown, and if they fail to extend the shutdown date, their VM will be powered off. However, there is concern because many users claim they did not receive any notification about their instance expiring. While I believe notifications were sent, I lack a mechanism within the Morpheus portal to track them and confirm users’ claims. I need help setting up a system where admins also receive these notification emails as CC recipients. Is there a feature, policy configuration, or automation script within Morpheus that can track instance lease expiry emails sent to end users? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Ajay, I dont think we have that in the product at the moment, and I can’t see a way you would tie back in to that event from an automation. Maybe you can add this in the Ideas section at some point. Provide a CC field or maybe request read receipt, which could hit a mailbox configured on the sender address?

But, wondering if an SMTP proxy configured as the SMTP server in Morpheus, which routed to the previously configured SMTP server, might give opportunity to inspect/log as needed.

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