Notification on Provisioning Failure?

Is there a way to be notified when an instance fails to provision? We have recently been having some bad luck with an Ansible playbook and the instance fails to provision - it then sits out there for several times (or longer) because no one knew that it failed to provision.

Right now the provisioning owner gets a notification based on their user profile configuration (email address configured and notifications enabled).

If you want this more broad you could create a job that queries for state failed systems since x amount of minutes and then have an email task send notifications to admins. I kind of do that with my approvals workflow in our automation examples repo.

Hm… the user is setup to receive notifications. They’ll get a provisioned email, but provisioning failure email doesn’t seem to happen. Should I open a support ticket?

It may be based on the phase your automation is failing. For example, I believe if a task fails in pre-provisioning or provisioning phase we consider the VM failed. If it happens in post provision we consider it correctable and the task / workflow is failed but the VM is healthy.

Note, this may have changed slightly with 6.0 changes to the task orchestration. I’m currently OOO so unable to confirm atm.

In my particular case it failed during the provisioning phase of a workflow being applied through policy. We used to get failure notices but don’t anymore, so maybe it is something with 6.0.0.

If morpheus is unable to send email it will record an exception in the UI logs

Exception thrown during attempt to send. Reason: com.sun.mail.util.MailConnectException:

Thankfully not seeing any of those.