E-mail Automation Task Not Sending Failure

Hello folks,

I have a question regarding e-mail automation task, and maybe there’s something I’m not doing properly and hope someone can guide me.

I have an automation task that send out e-mail regarding the status of the provisioning after completion. I have configured the SMTP and receving e-mail when the provisioning is completed. However I do not get an e-mail when the provisioning fails. I would expect the Status to be be failed or whatever the status is as displayed in the image. I’m wondering if the provisoning just never got to the e-mail task to execute or something else is going on …


Hello Manny,

Currently, Morpheus sends an email to the user who initiated the instance provisioning process (image below). I’m uncertain if you’ll be able to execute your custom email task given the provisioning failing.

I found two ideas other community members have posted that might be what you are looking for in the product. Make sure to vote for ideas you would like to see in future Morpheus versions :smiley: