VM instances prices

VM instances prices

The price on the VM shows in suppose €12.0000 but actually it is in real not €12,0000 so there is an issue with . and , in the pricing value. We need to understand from where we can fix it in Morpheus side. On raising a ticket to Morpheus it was identified that its a feature, hence we would like to show the currency with right , and . in decimal values in right format for our VM instances.

Hi @kajal.sharma

I see the placement of the decimal and comma in the correct spots:

I believe in your environment a custom Catalog plugin is being utilized. If that’s correct, it must be resolved within your custom code.

Hi @cbunge,
actually we are not using any Custom Catalog Plugins yet. However we would also like to limit the number of decimal points to only 2 and exchange the dot for a comma to denote the separation to cents. Because in German language we use comma and dot exactly in reverse. We would denote the above as “1.666,56€”.

Is this something we could achieve with a Customer Catalog Plugin?

Hi @cbunge

Any update on this please ?