✅ Catalog Item Scale Pricing

Catalog Items do not consider scaling in the price

When changing service plans using inputs, the pricing for Catalog Items are recalculated based on the CPU, memory, etc. However, the Catalog Item only returns a single VM cost, even with hard coded scale values. In some cases, an instance may want to be created with an initial scale size, three for example, which means the price should be x3.

When provisioning an instance via the standard interface of Morpheus, there is a scale cost presented, in addition to the per node price. I’d recommend one of two ways:

  1. Add a “Scale Price” on the Catalog Item page if the layoutSize option is specified (or > 1?), which dynamically changes as the scale number changes
  2. Add a scale price after adding it to cart, to be seen in the checkout, similar to the standard provisioning process. The only concern here would be if customers ordered without going to the cart first

Examples of the Catalog Item when ordering:

Example of standard provisioning: