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Costing in azure in $, in telkom CMP in IDR, what will be behavior if we sync cost between azure and Morpheus CMP?

Hello @ibrahim,

Please let me know if I misunderstand you question. With Azure, we will sync the costs from their API, which is usually in USD ($). By default in Morpheus, the tenants display in USD as well but can be changed to IDR (Administration > Tenants):

However, this will only change the currency symbol in front of the amount. You will also want to configure a Currency Provider in Administration > Settings > Currency Settings. You can make a free account with Open Exchange Rates and provide an API key, for example. Morpheus will download currency rates every 12 hours, for any that have changed.

With the currency provider configured, Morpheus will be able to convert USD to IDR properly. With the tenant also set to use IDR, the costs and prices will also be displayed in IDR inside that tenant.

Hope that helps!

Currency Settings Documentation:

Azure Cloud Documentation:

Thanks for your input this is information which I requested.