Will costs show on discovered VMs?

Hello. Will discovered VMs (not converted to managed) have their costs reported by Morpheus, so we get invoices created and their costs are included in budget v actual views?

yes we track costs for discovered

Hi Jeff. Not seeing any actuals for discovered VMs showing against budgets ATM. Do see costs for Morpheus provisioned instances dropping into same budget view. Costing on the VMware cloud has been enabled only for 2 days. Would the costs for discovered be tracked/aggregated less frequently than daily?

With customer again today - still not seeing discovered VM costs in the budget view. Will try replicate locally.

To close the loop on this, a tenant had been set to currency GBP.
My local testing all worked, further testing their side showed us actuals worked in budgets scoped to Account & Cloud.  The budget view that had no costs was a Tenant scoped budget view for the above reason. Will add the costs for the default price plan in GBP.