Instance Reconfigure not showing pricing


I have created custom prices, price sets & service plans and while provisioning the instance it shows the configured price according to the service plan. However if we want to change the service plan for that specific instance, it is not showing the configured prices. I have not set any region code for price sets and plans, also the currency is set to USD for prices & subtenant.
NOTE: This is for VMware cloud resource provider.

Any suggestions ?


What Morpheus Version are you using?
Please can you show the prices you have configured within the price-set in use by the plan?

Are you sure that the price set is attached to that plan you are selecting? Also, are you doing a reconfigure at the instance level, or the direct VM level?

Additionally, what cloud type?

Morpheus version : 5.4.12
Cloud Type : VMware

I am performing the reconfigure at instance level from Morpheus reconfigure action.

service plan

Please can we also see the general configuration for the plan?

Below is the detail.

We are unable to reproduce this issue. Are you able to reproduce this on the latest version of Morpheus? Thanks for your help.


  • If I disable pricing all together in my environment, I get no wording.
  • If I have pricing enabled, as long as the price set is attached to the plan I’m changing to it shows me the estimate costs.

Can you confirm that the cloud you have the price set scoped to is the same cloud that the vm you are testing exists in?

Yes, price set the has the correct cloud configured but still it does not show the pricing while reconfiguring.