vCenter Clouds - Resource Pools and Folders

After researching Resource Pools more thoroughly, we are are realizing it is not a good idea to use Resource Pools simply for the purpose of Partitioning VMs. But - if we don’t use Resource Pools, how would we segment a couple of clouds to the same cluster in vCenter, such that people provisioning to Cloud A (Project A) would have their VMs land in certain folders, while other people provisioning to Cloud B (Project B) would have their VMs land in another folder?

When you inventory the vCenter cloud and then click on it, you can see the resource pools, networks, folders, and data stores within. Each of those constructs can be assigned to the desired infrastructure groups by clicking the dropdown on the right of the resource and selecting edit. From there you can assign the resource to an infrastructure group or a tenant. You can even set it as the default resource of that type for a group so that it is auto-selected at provisioning time.

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