Vmware instance : Added the ability to specify the template directory path for vmware images

When we deploy an instance on VMware (Instance/ADD), compute instances (vmdk, etc) and images (ova, Template images…) are stored in the same VMware folder on Vcenter.

Could you add an additional field to specify the target of template images, which could be optional and allow them to be stored in a different vmware folder ?

We offer an option where you can designate a folder as an image target. Therefore, during provisioning, if you select a different folder, your instance will be created in the designated folder, and your image will be stored where you’ve set the folder as the image target. I’ve personally tested this functionality in my lab, and it’s working perfectly for me. For further clarification, please refer to the recording provided:
Screen Capture on 2024-05-17 at 20-18-29.mp4 - Droplr.

@Arnaud_Ponchaut does @aprat’s response fulfill your request?

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