Notification Banner During Provisioning

Notification Banner During Provisioning

We are finding a need to put some kind of a notification banner up during provisioning. I could see this being useful on a cloud basis (let users know of expiration policy), but perhaps also an instance type basis (i.e. Cent7 End of Life). Currently I don’t have a good way of communicating this kind of useful information to users at launch time.

Example/Use case(s):
The specific use case for a cloud, is to notify users that all VMs provisioned to this Cloud will have a shelf life of XX days, and that an approval will be required to extend their VM beyond that shelf life.

Another use case is to let people know their VM won’t be supported past a date of XX/XX/XXXX because the instance is at its End of Life for support. Specifically this relates to Cent7 being End of Life.