✅ We need more flexibility on landing page than a general Dashboard

Flexible Landing Page for Groups

This global Dashboard isn’t really something that is adding value for us, and it is just causing extra mouse clicks for people.

We are using Groups in such a way that a Group is essentially a “tenant”. As such, we have cases where we want to have group-specific landing pages with customized banner messages (i.e. when maintenance or upgrade announcements, new features we want to push, et al).

At the very minimum, if it were up to me, I would have had the users land on Provisioning–>Instances because most users log in, see the dashboard and click Provisioning–>Instances anyway. I don’t really need users logging into a Dashboard and seeing Clouds that their role/group doesn’t have access to, etc.

Example/Use case(s):
(Replace with mock workflow/example/diagram when applicable)

So not sure your exact use case but why are you using groups as essentially a tenant when you could use tenants instead? This would solve this problem

We ran into the same issue where our group/roles we map don’t have certain feature permissions, and it makes aspects of the new Dashboard appear broken, stuck loading, or incomplete. We also use a single tenant as that was the recommended way when we set Morpheus up long ago (and provides easier management of some things for us in the way we utilize it)

I did dig into the Morpheus setup and found a way to slip a direct into Nginx using the /etc/morpheus/morpheus.rb file so requests to the Dashboard instead land you at Provisioning → Instances (although this doesn’t make it just on load but all of the time… so there’s “that issue”).
I worked with support and saw a way it can be done using some SAML settings, but that only appears to apply to initial login and not like re-visits to the page, unfortunately.

So I’m upvoting this because of the behavior we see with the Dashboard around our user level accounts, and the fact my “hack” may someday not work (and does remove the ability for us Admins to see the Dashboard too). I wish there was a policy or setting to say land users at Provisioning → Instances without having to do the hack I have in place or the doesn’t always quite work as intended SAML method.

Edit> I lied! I can’t upvote (yet) as I’m apparently at my limit currently. I’ll upvote in spirit

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It was Morpheus who told us to use Groups when we initially set up the system. I think there was some issue with the tenancy that was solved when we went to Groups at the time. I don’t remember the exact issue it’s been so long now.

Well, one Use Case is this:

  • User logs in. Successfully Authenticates via Active Directory, but we cannot map his role. He falls into the RESTRICTED_DEFAULT role which has everything locked down.

  • User is very confused. There is no number to call, no email, no nothing.

It would be super duper nice, if we could have these individuals dropped into a “No Soup For You” landing page, where we could explain that they could not map into a role, and give them a link or an email to remedy the situation. This is one Use Case that is happening a lot, because the url for Morpheus is being passed around, and people are logging in without being properly onboarded.

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Yup. I just put a Use Case in there below that runs along these same lines.

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Ok how about this… Adding this feature to 6.3.0 for October.

On a role edit theres now a landingUrl option. This is an override optional for the default landing page for users assigned to the given role.

  • If it is populated with say “/instances” it will direct the user there upon first login instead of the dashboard.
  • If a user navigates to dashboard and does not have dashboard permission it will now auto default to the assigned landing url redirect as well