VM Expiration - no "Extend Now" button on the Instance Detail?

Today I was testing out the VM Expiration feature. Here is what I did:

  1. Set up a SANDBOX resource pool in vCenter
  2. Created a vCenter Cloud in Morpheus, scoped down to the DC, Cluster and SANDBOX resource pool.
  3. Put a Cloud Policy on SANDBOX cloud, with VM Expiration as the policy.
  • Fixed Expiration
  • Expiration Days=2
  • Renewal Days=7
  • Notification Days=1
  • Allow Auto Extensions=1
  • Hide Lifecycle if Fixed – not sure what this is, as the docs don’t mention this field

I then launched a VM on this SANDBOX cloud, and indeed, I see an expiration on it (8/21). But, I do not see an “Extend Now” button anywhere. And I presume I would need to see this Extend Now button before before it expires, or the VM just gets deleted.

Am I not looking in the right place for this Extend Now button?

I want to also test the approvals after I figure out this first test case.

You may have needed to wait 24 hours to see the Extend Now button. The Extend Now button will be shown in the UI once the notification period is active. If you increased the notification days to 2, you should see the extend now button immediately.