Not able to Pull Networks and Resource pools list from Forms

I am trying to Utilize new future called “Forms”

I am trying to create a Form with Groups, Clouds, Resource Pools and Networks. for some reason Resource pools and networks are not listing in forms,

if i use the Option-lists API for Resource pools and Networks, they are listing fine,

why not from forms? do i am missing anything?

Network screen shots

Don’t worry, it will appear when you create instance in catalog

I am worried, because it is not showing up in catalog item as well

interestingly, those pools show up if i create a instance type catalog item, if i create a Bluprint catalog item, it is not showing up, it should not be like this, they should show up no matter what catalog item type is rite?

Plan and Layout are empty on your form so that’s why this isn’t working. There are required fields that need to be populated with either a default value or a valid value from another input when you’re using Networks (and other default inputs) on a form.

I’ve created a fully working example here so feel free to copy it or use it as a template:

There’s a Python script in the repo to create the form quickly via the API (Create an Option Form) as well as the scribe resource for those unable to use the API endpoint (requires 6.3.1 or higher).

For this to work on a Blueprint catalog item, you need to create a Morpheus blueprint scoped to an instance type and then you should see the configuration window for networks, plan, layout, etc… Example blueprint here:

Give it a test and let me know if you have any issues? I’ve scoped the example to a Ubuntu instance type but feel free to update this based on your desired instance type.

Helpful resources: