GCP Options list for resource Pools

So in a nutshell, I am on my conquest to have a catalogue item for my cloud deployments per OS type, etc… I actually thought I was done until I noticed that it was taking the resource pool id from what was left after the configuration wizard was ran. What I am trying to find out now, is how I can get the resource pool id to populate correctly. How do you know what the morpheus api needs to pull that in correctly based on what you have selected for the other inputs? Any assistance is appreciated. This is my last portion of getting this to work for me. :slight_smile:
I already have the cascaded inputs for the group/cloud/plans etc… Just need to know how to add in the resource pool id I think.

To filter on resource pool should be very similar to how you are doing your cloud/plan etc. If you take a look at our docs links on option lists and scroll under request script you will find what’s available for resource pools. Option Lists — Morpheus Docs documentation

In my example below I am filtering on the group and cloud. Then you will just use this variable input in the catalog item like you have for group, cloud, etc.

I will give this one a go and see what I get. Many thanks for the input!

Awesome! That definitely appears to work! Many thanks! My confusion is where I actually find what the requirements are for pulling the information. Like, how does the zoneId end up the targetCloud variable? Is there a reference that says what is required to pull the information? as in what variables? Would that basically just be a look at what the api calls are going to need? Thanks!

So if we take a look at the docs from the link above we can see it will except the following.

Resource Pools
• zoneId
• siteId
• planId
• layoutId: // Id of an Instance Layout, used to get the associated provision type and filter to that provision type

If we compare this list to the screen shot above I posted we are setting the siteId equal to the input value from my group select list with a field name of tGroup and the zoneId to the input value from my cloud select list with a field name of tCloud. This then allows the option list for resource pool to filter on the id’s selected from the other inputs added to the catalog item.

Hope that helps answer the question.

Sorry if my brain isn’t quite awake this morning, but how do I know that the zoneId is the tCloud? I see that you are setting the siteId and zoneId to the inputs from the options list. I guess my confusion is how do I know that I associate that siteId wants tGroup and zoneId wants tCloud?

Oh gotcha. Im not sure there is a section in the docs that explicitly calls this out but there are several sections where it describes that a Cloud = Zone and Group = Site. One place is the variables section. the other is looking at the examples of the option lists.

Zone (Cloud)

Group (Site)