Adding Option Lists to System Images on Standard Provisioning Flow

If I am trying to provision a Morpheus Rocky 9 image, and I want to add a couple of Input Fields (Option Lists) to the standard provisioning flow so that I can make an API call and populate some values that the user can select and I can save, is there a way to do that?

I think you’d need to create a custom instance type and add those as inputs which use your select option lists, at the instance type or layout level. If you need to act on them in the provisioning flow, you add a workflow to process the data from those inputs.

These are “across the board” fields (and a workflow that runs on all instances). They implemented Service Now, and I have some Service Now integration to record the VMs information into a CMDB table upon provisioning - and retirement of the “asset” (VM) when the VM is torn down.

In order to make this work, I have to essentially disable all Morpheus System Images? And make all Images a Blueprinted Image?

An alternative would be the self service catalog, using the morpheus/standard instance types to create catalog items. You can include option types and forms on the user interface presented when ordering and have a workflow which acts on that input data.

Yeah, I know you can do that. That has been suggested. We don’t use the Catalog, though, unfortunately and having to pivot to a Catalog right as the platform adoption is cranking up would be disruptive for us. Most of our users have communicated to us that they like the Standard View, because we use NSX-T and you guys have all of the nice features there to view the Networks, Routers, Pools, et al.