Option list : Instance type layout


I can’t find any documentation on that specific option list. The name is self explanatory, so i think, it will give us a list of a layout for a given instance, but i can’t get it to work using standard translation and request script.
I’ve made an operational workflow to test inputs, and the result list is always empty. So it is from a provisioning instance catalog i already have.

Can you help me on that case ?



instance Type Layout reads the configured Instance Type from a Catalog and populates layouts, so most likely why it’s blank in your Operational Workflow.

That said this works for me in a catalog (or at least last I tested before I cutover to forms):

Translation (I was passing more than just id):

for (var x = 0; x < data.length; x++) {
results.push({name:data[x].name + ' ' + data[x].version, value:data[x].id + '|' + data[x].code + '|' + data[x].version + '|' + data[x].sortOrder + '|' + data[x].provisionType});

Request Script:

if (input.targetCloud && input.targetGroup) {
  results.siteId = input.targetGroup
  results.zoneId = input.targetCloud

You may optionally be able to pass results.layoutId to get the list to populate. Either way I’ll ask the documentation team to update the Option Lists doc.

Thank you for your help Chris : it works.
I had cloudId/groupId instead of siteId/zoneId (it works on other option types by the way.

Now i’m going to have look on how i can use it in my catalog :wink:

With Morpheus LTS 6.2.x you’ll get forms. It’s a lot easier from a management / administration perspective and more powerful. If you haven’t checked out a 6.2.x build, you should check out: The Docs or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m619LpVVJ6A