Metrics used in guidance

several doubts about guidance:

  • What are the metrics used in the Morpheus guidance?

  • In case of seasonal pattern, is there any calculation or recommendation from the platform? Example: A vm with 8 vcpu every tenth day of the month uses 90% cpu and the rest of the month uses less than 20%. However, the application contained in the VM is critical and I cannot resising because that peak day is very important for the service to function. The average CPU consumption of this vm could be 17% if we used the simple average cpu consumption calculation and it would make us think, wrongly, that the vm may have 4vCPU and this would critically affect the service on the 10th day of the month.
    Is there a way to work through these cyclical or seasonal periods and provide better guidance?

  • What is the parameter for the low, info, warning and critical levels of severity?

  • And finally: Can I use these statistical data on resource usage to forecast resource consumption to support an eventual need to acquire more storage (example) for the next year?