Guidence recommendation

If a recommendation was marked as ‘Ignore’, how long does it bring that same server back to ‘Open’ status to be actioned for resizing again? Morpheus documentation is misleading and states “The IGNORE button will remove the recommendation from the UI. Subsequent recommendations of the same type will NOT display for the same object (VM, Cloud etc) again unless the original recommendation is resolved.”… it does not make it very clear on how the original recommendation will even come back if it was ignored once.

So the documentation is stating for example, if guidance says increase memory because it’s highly consumed and then someone ignores it. The memory alert won’t come back into guidance until our analytics would stop recommending an increase due to lower usages (this would clear it off of the guidance table normally).

Now if the memory usage goes high enough that we begin to recommend increases again, guidance will list that VM again.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your response. I have a few additional questions:

  1. How often does the Guidance engine check for usage changes? Frequency?
  2. Does it take the average usage and is that what’s displayed on the recommendation metrics? How long of a duration does it take into account when looking at the average?
  3. If a recommendation is ‘ignored’ (clicked) … how long does it take for it to come back if it detects the usage is still high or low and recommends right-sizing again?
  4. From the UI it appears that I see the list of recommended servers only when selecting ’30 days’, if I choose 60 or 90, the list is completely empty, why is that?