Guidance - get utilization stat from guidance

I had two questions for Guidance

  1. If there is any to get system average utilization either in capacity or percentage as show in the picture via report or API? standard report will show only target memory.
  2. Standard guidance will recommend maximum at 50% e.g. from 16GB memory to 8GB memory, but at 8GB system still running at very low utilization. do we have any workaround to make guidance suggest the minimum memory requirement rather than half of it.

Thank you.

To your first question you’d need a custom report, but there’s a section in the Analytics that might suffice for your needs


It looks at lowest utilization per cost and lowest overall utilzation and includes CPU and Memory.

For your second question, I don’t know but wonder if it moves up and down between adjacent plans, so in theory your 8GB machine still falls below utilization thresolds for 8GB (as set by default) so guidance could monitor and suggest 4GB later?

You always have the option to go to the VM and reconfigure the plan directly if you think a different plan would be more appropriate.