Data analysis

For example: A VM constantly uses less than 50% of CPU Memory, however, every 5th of the month it uses 95% of the services, because the VM is destined to do a certain service.Edit Feature Suggestion Description

Morpheus is able to perform a seasonal analysis, managing to collect the peak of CPU and Memory usage at a certain time and date. Another suggestion would be to have a disk forecast, for example, so that we know the trend of growth in the use of CPUs and Memories in the next 90 days, to know if we should buy more storage or not.

Have you by chance seen the new Capacity Planning Analysis page under Operations → Analytics in 5.5.3? It has trend lines for looking farther out on storage/memory/cpu usage.

We would like morpheus to constantly show its resource usage. That the consumption of resources (CPU, Memory…) be listed daily.