How we can send additional information and show in RITM ServiceNOW

Hi Experts,

When we trigger instance provision approval to SNOW, RITM is created in SNOW with some information.

For example,

Requested By: Aung
Instance Name:
Instance Type: Custom Windows Instance
Link: https://morpheus-url
Additional Configuration:

As per the requirement, we need to pass additional information, such as instance description and tagging, and show it in the RITM of SNOW. How do we do that? I already used the instance label field to pass other values to SNOW.


Hi Aung.

Not a ServiceNow expert but I see the problem. The ServiceNow approvals integration is passing specific data, and you’d like to pass additional data along with the request.

I suspect that is not possible via the integration as it is.

My first thought was attach a provisioning workflow to the instance to send the data to their API - but these are instances at the approval stage so no workflows have/will run.

So my next thought was run a workflow via a scheduled job. That workflow could poll instances awaiting ServiceNow approval via the morpheus API and send an update to ServiceNow API which updates the RITM, hopefully using one of the common fields you listed which exist in Morpheus and ServiceNow.

Could that work?

I guess a final option would be to utilise the approvals plugin provider and send exactly the data you need to ServiceNow, but that is a bigger undertaking.

Please feedback here on how you decided to approach this and what worked (or didn’t).

There is an idea here, you should add it in the ideas section.

If we had “pre-approval” and “post-approval” stages in the provisioning workflow we would capture the full lifecycle of the instance/vm. The “pre-approval” stage would allow a workflow to run before anything is actually provisioned. I believe this would be a useful feature and would be ideal for your use case.

Hello @Ollie_Phillips,

Thank you for providing feedback.

It seems that running workflows with schedules is suitable for us. However, I prefer your idea that having pre-approval and post-approval stages in the provision workflow can be helpful for other use cases as well. So, will add in idea section.


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