Mopheus catalog Plugin in ServiceNow

Dear All,

We have published few catalogs in ServiceNow using Morpheus catalog plugin and also attach a custom workflow. As we know after successful provisioning of a
VM, Morpheus updating the worknotes and creating a configuration item in ServiceNow. Suppose if we want to check the history or running status of the instance
from ServiceNow side then we need the specific instance ID to call the Morpheus API for Instance or history but we don’t have instance ID. To get the Instance
ID from Morpheus, suppose we have call the Morpheus API of getting all the instance and with a script we can get the Instance ID of the specific machine thats fine.
But my concerns is on the size of response body coming from Morpheus to ServiceNow side during calling the rest API. Currently we have only 20 workload then the
size of the response body is in 100 KB’s but in future, our workload should be greater than 1000 then the response body size must be in MB’s and ServiceNow can only
handle response body of size 5 MB so that time it is challenge to get the instance ID. Please suggest your views on the concerned issue.

Rakesh Gupta

@aabraham Request you to suggest

Hi @RakaBhai1 The instance ID can be found in the short description of the CI but if I understand it correct you need the instance ID prior to the CI getting created. I would add this to the roadmap to update the comments with instane ID.

With the API you can use the name query parameter and get the results of just the instance.