Not able to create the Instance wiki page for an instance

Hi Team,

I have integrated Morpheus provision policy with ServiceNow Workflow. During the creation of request in the ServiceNow, I want to update the request URL in the instance wiki but getting API not existed. But when I have added some value in the wiki manually after that from the rest call put method , I am able to update the wiki. Request you to guide how to do post call on instance wiki as there is nothing mentioned in the morpheus API document.

Rakesh Gupta

Hi @rakabhai,

After the instance is created you would just make a put call using the instance id.

So if my instance id is 460 then my put would look like https://morpheusurl/api/instances/460/wiki

my body looks like

“page”: {
“content”: “this is a wiki test”

The put will do a replace so if you are looking to do an append you will first need to get the wiki and then add to it in a put.

Hope that helps.

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Hello @rboyd ,

Thanks for the guidance. I am able to fix the issue.