Tagging a workflow to a machine that is onboarded

HI Team,

When we provision an instance in morpheus we tag it with a workflow under automation section with predefined tasks to be performed in various stages ,can we do the same for a machine that is onboarded into morpheus from any other configured cloud

Yes, You can associate a workflow to layout of an instance type in Library. When you converted to managed a discovered server, you have the option to choose an instance type , version and layout. Converted to manage will create an instance mapped to the instance type and layout which has a workflow to manage lifecycle.

@aabraham :Can we acheive the same using a API call https://apidocs.morpheusdata.com/reference/updatehostmanaged .
Let me know what all are needed to be updated in the payload section,We only see system defined Intsance type being listed when we try to convert to managed,can you let us know how can we use custom defined Instance types

  "instanceTypeId": 9,
  "layout": 980,
  "installAgent": false,
  "server": {
    "sshPassword": ""

@abhinay-puppaa01 This works.