Does Morpheus support Read-only Options as input in front end UI

Does Morpheus support a Read-only UI element. Where an instruction can be passed to end user as an input in his catalog. I have added a description for testing purpose, eventually this is an editable item.

I am not sure I am following the question. Does this read-only element need to be an input? The “Content” section of a catalog item is where I put all of my instructions to users who would be deploying it. I am attaching a screenshot of one of mine to show.


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Hi Sean, Thanks for the input. This looks good. Can you help with code snippet you placed in content section for the above.

Can we color code the catalog page to support our enterprise branding ?

Yes, you can use css.

Thank you!

@Venkat , the content section is just basic markdown.

Additionally, you can create a service catalog plugin, but that is groovy/java based. More information can be found here.