Input Data Sources

Expose the Morpheus API Option Lists functionality to other features

The Morpheus API Option Lists feature is powerful because it handles the API access automatically and also returns data in the user’s context (only shows what groups, clouds, etc. they have access to). As well, the requests can be filtered and even translated to match what you need.

If this functionality could be provided as a data source, where data is returned as a variable accessible in workflows and other other process, it can make querying Morpheus for data easier and quicker. Maybe this can be added as an input that is hidden on catalog items or workflows, but can be referenced.

A couple of examples:

  • In a task in a workflow, instead of using curl or other command and then needing to use a Cypher BEARER token or OAuth using username/password from Cypher. Also, in those cases you need to scope the details down for the user’s context in question based on what groups they have access to, the API will return anything the BEARER token has access to, if it is an admin access token for example. I needed to get the Resources in a Cloud the user deploying had access to based on their group membership

  • In a Catalog Item, being able to use the returned values and choosing one with logic in the <%= %> tags would allow for easier dynamic choices. This would be in cases where you don’t want to ask the user for their answer and determine it based on other inputs the user chose.