Customize UI in the Self-Service Katalog

Hello community,

As soon as you fill in “content” in the self-service catalog, the interface is always divided into a left and right part. On the left is the description in Markdown format and on the right are the necessary inputs.

Unfortunately, in our environment this often leads to the names of the inputs being displayed buggy (they are effectively too long) and content in dropdowns is also poorly displayed (also too long). For this reason, we cannot effectively use the description.
However, we would very much like to use it. Is there a way to change the UI so that the two sections above and below are separated? My goal would be that the description is displayed first and when you scroll down the inputs are displayed in full size.

Best regards

The catalog item layouts are customizable through Morpheus plugins. The documentation for catalog layout plugins can be found on our developer portal at Morpheus Plugin Documentation.

@MarLor A bit of a hacky solution, and may have some unexpected side effects but some CSS in the whitelabel section will allow you to compress the wiki text which will wrap and expand the configuration panel. By default they take 50% width each. The CSS below makes it 80/20 in favour of the config panel.

/* expand the config section */
.catalog-item-details .catalog-item-body .catalog-item-configuration.with-item-content{

/* compress the wiki */
.catalog-item-details .catalog-item-body .catalog-item-content{