Guidance Catalog Item Config JSON


We would like to make more use of the Self Service Instance Catalog Items. The documentation at Blueprints — Morpheus Docs documentation says: “Click CONFIGURATION WIZARD to build a base configuration through the Morpheus Instance wizard. Following configuration through the Instance wizard, you may need to overwrite some static values in the configuration with calls to custom Input values.”
Unfortunately, I can’t find a good source that clearly shows which parts of the pre-configured Config JSON can be safely deleted (e.g. group name, as only the ID is needed) and which cannot. This makes editing the JSON very difficult, time-consuming and confusing.
Does anyone know of any good documentation or instructions for this process?

Many thanks in advance

Hi Marvin,
In 6.1 we have the new Forms capability which will be available in LTS release soon. This is a new way of adding inputs to catalog items - there’s a nice demo video here which is worth a look.

Forms has been designed to make the adding of inputs easier to catalog items and does not required editing the JSON.

In versions prior to this, you can change things like plan, networks, size, layout, network. There will be other things you can change depending on the instance/cloud type.

Hey Pete,

Good to hear from you and thanks for the reply!

In our production environment we are currently still forced to use 5.4.x due to problems with the 6.0.x versions and to provide our customers with catalogue items. We need instructions on how to do this, as we have again found that it is unclear to us how to use the functionalities in detail.
Can Morpheus Data provide something here?

Hi Marvin
Do you have any examples that you can provide on what you are trying to do?