AWS Graviton Instances

Will Graviton Instance types be supported within Morpheus?

Believe these are just represented by M6g, T4g, C6g, and R6g plan types which we already sync in and can utilize within Morpheus.

My understanding is that these are associated with ARM 64 architecture which is not currently supported in Morpheus?

Correct. Currently you’ll have to choose to skip agent install when provisioning a G type, but support for an ARM agent is in the roadmap.

So in Summary, Morpheus can inventories brownfield deployments of graviton instances but agent install would not be possible. Greenfield deployments are not currently possible due to the ARM agent support not being present. Is this correct?

You can deploy but you’ll have to chose “skip agent install” at this time or the agent will fail to load. The systems will still deploy, but we’ll have to rely on WinRM / SSH for connectivity.