Add brownfield KVM Node to Morpheus custom cloud


I added a brownfield KVM node (Open Suse KVM Hypervisor) to the Morpheus custom cloud.

I also can see existing VM on KVM hypervisor as discovered VM in Morpheus. However, I can’t select custom instance to provision on custom morpheus cloud with KVM Hypervisor. The custom instance type is grayed out when I try to provision the instance. That custom instance type uses KVM technology and QCOW2 VM image.

Hello @aungkyawthu,

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I’ve done some testing similar to yours, and I’ve found the same. At this time, we do not deploy a custom instance type (or the system KVM type) to a brownfield host. The hosts can be added into a cloud, such as the Morpheus cloud and VMware, for example, and the VMs on them can be discovered. You can convert them to managed using a custom instance type however, just not directly provisioning to them.

For the KVM Instance Types, they will “un-gray” when a cloud has a KVM Cluster provisioned to it. In the case for a Morpheus cloud, you can specify base deployed VMs (without KVM installed) and enter their connection information, which Morpheus will connect and configure the hosts appropriately. You’d not want to enter brownfield hosts here, otherwise Morpheus will attempt to install KVM and configure the hosts. For VMware, Morpheus will deploy the VMs for you and then also set them up as KVM hosts. Once a cluster is associated with a cloud, the KVM Instance Type will become usable.

Here is some additional information on KVM from our documentation as well, if it helps:

thank you @kgawronski. for your response. and I understood.

One more thing, when I try to provision the KVM cluster with the layout “Morpheus KVM Suse Cluster” under vCenter Cloud. I faced 500 gasket error code as below screenshot. Not sure if you also got the same issue or not. My environment is using v5.5.2. I didn’t get any error when I selected “CentOS layout” for KVM cluster provision.

Appreciate your support.

@aungkyawthu - In my case, I am in 5.5.3 but I did not get the same error as you are seeing above. I created a custom Ubuntu Cluster Layout and chose that. I put screenshots from my configuration for comparison. If you continue to receive that error, I’d recommend to upgrade (may resolve it) or submit a support ticket. You may find more information in the Morpheus logs too around the error Administration > Health > Morpheus Logs

Thank you @kgawronski, I will try in version 5.3.3.


Hello @kgawronski ,

I tried to install KVM on my ubuntu server (version 22.04) using Morpheus KVM Ubuntu Cluster layout under Morpheus custom cloud. KVM installation is not successful and found some error messages from/var/log/Morpheus-node/morphd/current log. It seems KVM packages are not installed.

Morpehus version is v6.0.0

Please advise.

2023-03-15_12:24:01.08297 executeCommandAction: bash -c 'base64 -d <<< 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 | bash -l'
2023-03-15_12:24:01.18416 executeCommandAction result: [success:true, process:Process[pid=4860, exitValue=0], exitValue:0, output:, error:]
2023-03-15_12:24:01.18454 12:24:01.184 [Grizzly(1)] INFO com.morpheus.agent.ActionHandler - handleAction results: [success:true, data:[output:, error:, exitValue:0]]
2023-03-15_12:24:45.70202 12:24:45.700 [Thread-0] INFO com.morpheus.agent.ResultPublisher - publishing stat results: [[typeCode:server, objectId:5873, values:[ts:Wed Mar 15 12:24:41 UTC 2023, freeMemory:7602800000, usedMemory:538036000, freeSwap:4294963200, usedSwap:0, cpuIdleTime:1473260, cpuSystemTime:184160, cpuUserTime:49070, cpuTotalTime:1706490, cpuUsage:1.7434120178222656, usedStorage:7955861504, reservedStorage:19896352768, netTxUsage:537, netRxUsage:630, networkBandwidth:1310720000]]]
2023-03-15_12:24:47.31447 12:24:47.314 [Grizzly(1)] INFO com.morpheus.agent.ActionHandler - handleAction: com.morpheus.agent.action.ExecuteCommandAction@426c011f
2023-03-15_12:24:47.32369 executeCommandAction: bash -c 'base64 -d <<< c3VkbyB2aXJzaCBuZXQtbGlzdCAtLWFsbA== | bash -l'
2023-03-15_12:24:47.41785 executeCommandAction result: [success:false, process:Process[pid=4892, exitValue=1], exitValue:1, output:, error:sudo: virsh: command not found
2023-03-15_12:24:47.41801 ]
2023-03-15_12:24:47.41809 12:24:47.417 [Grizzly(1)] INFO com.morpheus.agent.ActionHandler - handleAction results: [success:false, data:[output:, error:sudo: virsh: command not found
2023-03-15_12:24:47.41821 , exitValue:1]]


Hi @aungkyawthu,

You may want to submit a support ticket if you are running into errors. It would be easier there to help and look at logs.

I tested with Ubuntu 16.04. Morpheus installed KVM packages in this version. It seems KVM cluster layout template didn’t work with Ubuntu 22.04. Will raise to support team.


So some good news on KVM and Ubuntu 22. It will work in the next release 6.0.7 and 6.2.2 with a few things to be aware of. You have to enable SHA1 keys for ssh to handshake and allow morpheus to prep the box. (This is temporary as its being resolved in a separate task).

The breaking issues with ubuntu 22 involved 2 things. One is a netplan file lookup for configuring the bridge and the other was the hypervisor console password being too long for libvirt. It expects 8 characters and does not like 12. Used to libvirt would just truncate and ignore but now it throws an error.

Thanks for sharing @david.