Question around the "instances: greenfield workloads can no longer be removed without removing infra" in 5.4.5


I have a question around clarification related to the following in 5.4.5:

Greenfield workloads can no longer be removed from Morpheus without also removing the underlying infrastructure

We oftentimes have folks do in place upgrades of Windows or Ubuntu (for better or worse), and will do the process to remove the Instance listing from Morpheus without deleting the underlying infrastructure (VM from vCenter) so we can then do the “Make Managed” process in Morpheus to re-import the VM under the correct layout/instance type that matches the now upgraded VM.

I wasn’t sure if this change impacts that workflow or not, and if so if there’s another way/ability to adjust a VM from one layout to another without doing the removal process so the version info display to the end user (and in reports etc) matches the updated VM or not.


Hi there @rjr162!

I had a (bit manual) process of updating the instance types on previously, but could look at the automation needed in your environment to allow a user to select. It’ll probably take me a day or two to produce (based on current availability). Should allow you to change as needed though if that’s useful.


That would be handy as it’s a common thing we have to work with. If it’s something that could be limited to certain roles (so say the role us “morpheus admins” are in) that’d be excellent!


– Ron

Could definitely consume this as a workflow catalog item only granted to the admins. I’ll see what I can whip up :slight_smile:

This is what instance versions can do in the instance type as well. You can define an empty upgrade script for example and just click a button in actions → upgrade and it will change the layout.


I can’t see to find an area where I can make this applicable to our environment, as the only “Upgrade” option I can see under an Instance Type seems to be focused around Docker (which we’re not using).

I also don’t see an “Upgrade” listed under “Actions” (not sure if I’m looking in the right spot in the instance). If you could provide any more information around this that’d be great!
I did check Instances — Morpheus Docs documentation but also didn’t catch anything in there.