Viewing/Listing Greenfield and Brownfield VMs


Working with a customer who was looking to put some views together around how many VMs they have at present that have been deployed by Morpheus (Greenfield VMs) and some breakdowns by type/region etc. They wanted a view, list, or report that excludes instances not created by Morpheus but are convert to managed (Brownfield VMs).

Via UI:
Under Infrastructure > Compute > Virtual Machines > advanced settings filter, the managed flag can provide you with this info. If the managed value is yes then it’s Morpheus deployed VM (Greenfield) and if it’s no then it’s made managed (Brownfield). Here is a small recording to demonstrate that => Screen Capture on 2023-09-18 at 1-32-15 pm.mp4 - Droplr

The same advanced settings can be found under Cloud > Virtuals Machines.

Via Custom Report Plugin:
It can be achieved via a custom report as well. Please refer to the following docs for more info:

Reports plugin samples can be found at the following links:

Can make a use of the following db query to use in the report to list all discovered servers:

select hostname from compute_server where managed=0;


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