Ansible execution

My workflows were not able to create a temporary ansible directory like before, and failed due to that fact. I changed the mode of the /opt/morpheus/.local/.ansible directory from 755 to 775 on the morpheus server and then my problems were gone!:blush: chmod 775 /opt/morpheus/.local/.ansible

Oh thank you! We’ll check this out on our end. Are you currently using an All-in-One server model? Just curious if you could’ve hit a snag with a misconfiguration on a singular front end host.

Just FYI, the proper permissions for that directory are:
drwxrwx---. 6 morpheus-app morpheus-local 4096 Feb 4 13:38 .ansible

Luckily the error tells you exactly what’s wrong if it’s an issue. The extra permission bit won’t cause any issues.