Ansible Playbook Execution Error

Hi Team,

I have created the below ansible playbook as a automation tasks and created 2 workflow [opertational,provisional] on this.

  • name: Create a VM from a template
    hosts: localhost
    • name: Morpheus Fact
      compatible_mode: ‘{{ morpheus[’‘customOptions’‘][’‘compatiblemode’‘]}}’
      db_name: ‘{{ morpheus[’‘customOptions’‘][’‘DBName’‘]}}’
      dynatune_profile: ‘{{ morpheus[’‘customOptions’‘][’‘workloadprofile’‘]}}’
      edb_version: ‘{{ morpheus[’‘customOptions’‘][’‘edbversion’‘]}}’
      edb_sub_version: ‘{{ morpheus[’‘customOptions’‘][’‘edb_subversion’‘]}}’
      input_password: ‘{{ morpheus[’‘customOptions’‘][’‘db_password’‘]}}’
      db_size: ‘{{ morpheus[’‘customOptions’‘][’‘pgdata_size’‘]}}’
      number_of_luns: ‘{{ morpheus[’‘customOptions’‘][’‘number_of_disks’‘]}}’
    • debug:
      var: compatible_mode
    • debug:
      var: db_name
    • debug:
      var: dynatune_profile
    • debug:
      var: edb_version
    • debug:
      var: input_password
    • debug:
      var: db_name
    • debug:
      var: db_size

I have created the 2 catalog items one instance and another one is workflow.If I executed the workflow, playbook is executed successfully getting the output.Attached Image for youre reference.

However In instance catlog I have added this task as post provision.there we are getting dict object error.Not sure where I missed the logic.

The inputs you have added to your catalog, have you mapped these under the customOptions: {} object within the catalog spec as well. It’s stating your variables are undefined.