Ansible custom modules

Hi ,

I wanna place my custom ansible modules in Morpheus appliance , is it same approach like how we do in standalone ansible setup or different procedure here ?

generally ansible modules can be placed in any one of the location below

  • ~/.ansible/plugins/modules/
  • /usr/share/ansible/plugins/modules/
  • any directory in ANSIBLE_LIBRARY environment variable

Currently, Ansible is executed by the morpheus-local user, so you should be able to put any custom ansible modules in /opt/morpheus/.local/.ansible/plugins/modules.

I do not find .ansible folder under .local folder

Directories in Linux that begin with a . are hidden and won’t appear using just ls. Try ls -la If it’s still not there, you can create it as the morpheus-local user with:

su - morpheus-local
mkdir -p /opt/morpheus/.local/.ansible/plugins/modules

How morpheus maintains ansible.cfg ?,
we find same file in standalone ansible setup on below location and i still find same path on ubunutu running with morpheus

Is it ok to modify the file on above location or morpheus maintains diff?

Morpheus doesn’t touch the ansible.cfg file.

Thank you , i am trying to run one of the playbook from morpheus gui and i am getting an error

I sorted out , Pls ignore it