Ansible command not found

Hi Team,

Currently we are facing ansible-playbook command not found error.

But as we checked the morpheus server ansible is intalled and up and running.

Also we want to trigger the anible tower job with out adding the Resource. As we checked local option is not working.

How can we trigger the job without using local or resource.

If we wants to trigger the job without depending any of the instances what would be the best options.

Normally Task Execution failed on Attempt 1 means Morpheus was either:

  1. Not able to find the file being referenced
  2. Unable to inject Morpheus variables
    a. Usually because file not found
    b. Sometimes due to invalid Morpheus variables being defined in the script

Can you confirm the correct path to the git file is being referenced in the task? The morpheus-ui error log usually has a bit more detail on that.

Ansible Configuration

Automation Tasks:

Execution results:

Morpheus UI error:

Morpheus server ansible configuration

I have attached the all the scrreenshot for your validation

How was ansible installed? Have you checked the troubleshooting ansible content here?

Make sure morpheus-local has access to the ansible binary

Thanks now I am able to execute the playbook from morpheus.Could you please help me on the second question if I tried to xecute the ansible tower job and select execute target as local I am always getting the error.

Task Execution Failed on Attempt 1 error.

Hi Team,

Any update on this as I checked the document we can able to select any one of the target options.

Not sure why it only supporting resource other 2 we are getting the error.If I select the remote getting this error: ‘remote execution not supported for task type’

I’m unsure on the tower ask. @aabraham are you aware of anything with the last few @ibrahim posts?

@ibrahim what is the morpheus version?

We are using 5.5.3 version.

As I checked the latest release notes this issue got fixed on 5.4.15.

Now Issue got fixed post upgrade our environment to 6.0.0.Now we are able to execute the ansible tower job in local resource.

Thanks for your support.

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