Windows Image preparation for Nutanix Cloud

Hello Experts,

Do we have any documentation or instructions for preparing Windows images for Nutanix Cloud?

I am facing some issues that Morpheus didn’t apply hostname, create user accounts while VM Network uses DHCP.


Hi Aung,

Here’s a document that walks you through creating Windows 2019 and Ubuntu 20.04 templates in Nutanix.

Create OS templates in Nutanix

Let us know if you still have any issues.


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Hello @dgaharwar,

Thank you so much for sharing.

I tried following the document. However, Morpheus didn’t create user account and apply hostname.

In the environment, I am using Prism Central Cloud Plugin and converted template at Prism Central console by using GUI method.

This is provisioned VM state in Prism Central Console.



we already followed the instructions but still hostname and IP address didnt apply to the provisioned VM. is there any reason at all??

in my case, i use OVF template from subscribed Content Library.

For the first, I believe the latest Nutanix plugin solves issues with Windows provisioning. I’m unsure if you were still stuck on that @aungkyawthu

@Azizan are you talking about VMware provisioing (OVF + content library)? Windows? Is the template sysprepped and shutdown (sysprep.exe /generalize /shutdown /oobe), or does it need to be sysprepped on creation?

@cbunge Yes, it is already resolved.