Node Type image list is empty when using Nutanix/Nutanix Prism Central technology option

I am trying to integrate Morpheus with a Nutanix AHV cluster. I have added the cluster as a new cloud using both Nutanix and Nutanix Prism Central options (the latter after installing the correct version of the plugin from the Marketplace). I don’t need to have the cloud added both ways, I’ve just ended up with it like that while trying to solve the issue described below. It’s a test cluster and Morpheus is connecting with the admin credentials.

When I try to add a new Node Type, I select the technology as either Nutanix or Nutanix Prism Central, but in either case the VM Image (Nutanix) or Image (Nutanix Prism Central) dropdown list is empty.

We also use VMware vSphere and when adding new Node Types with the technology VMware, the VM image list is populated with a list of available VM templates. I had expected the same behaviour when selecting Nutanix/Nutanix Prism Central.

Is there something else that I need to do, so that I can see a list of the VM templates available from Nutanix Prism Central and/or images from Nutanix?