Why is Costing > Prices on the instance summary page duplicating quantities?

I was recently working with a customer who was seeing double the quantity of a configured resource under Costing > Prices tab on an instance vs the Instance Summary tab.

For example, the total storage on the instance Summary tab was showing ‘40GB’ (which had been configured in the instance provisioning wizard when the instance was originally provisioned) whilst the Costing > Prices tab was showing ~80GB.

The explanation for this is that they had Price Sets attached on the layout-level. This is expected behaviour since a fixed price is added to the layout and the final computation of quantities + prices takes into account this fixed price alongside the pre-existing service plan used.

We have a helpful video that can be used as a starting point if this functionality is required:

This implies they have a scale factor of 2. There are likely 2 vms / resources in the instance. An instance can represent more than one vm. The summary shows the configuration summary so it shows just 1

Thanks :slight_smile: . In this case, it was just a new instance with a single VM. The customer managed to narrow it down to a price set attached to the layout