Improvements to VM Extensions

Approval Workflow for VM Extensions

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Example/Use case(s):
Currently, if the Allow Auto Extensions checkbox is checked on an Expiration Policy, the user can extend the life of the VM by the configured number of days. But this allows a user to just keep extending ad infinitum, which is not really what most people would want with this kind of policy.

What I think most people would be wanting to achieve, is to allow a user to extend their VMs a certain number of times (e.g. x=1), and after that x number of extensions, if they want to extend past that, they would require some sort of approval.

Maybe in the policy you can have a certain number of auto extensions, and prompt for an email for an approver? The approval process would require some thought perhaps in terms of an easy but effective way to implement it. I know Morpheus supports approvals but up to now I have not used them so maybe that functionality is already built-in?

Also, I noticed in the Activity section, that when a VM was expired, no “expired” event showed up. The event that showed up was that the VM was deleted by user XXXXX - which makes it look like that user manually logged on and deleted the VM, as opposed to it being deleted by an expiration event. And I think that should probably be something addressed so that people can keep track of what VMs are expiring in a report or something. Otherwise, they just kind of disappear into the abyss without clear reasoning to what happened, which could cause some confusion.

Actually, I just did some more testing and noticed, that if I uncheck “Allow Auto Extensions”, there is an Approval process tied into this. Let me test this some more. We might have what we want here.