Vertical Scaling and its guide?

I am using Version 6.0.6
We are still unsure of the vertical scaling feature which is i think very basic need.
We want to increase or decrease Memory, CPU & Disk as per schedule or threshold.

Now when we try to test it we are unable to understand exactly how to implement that.

  1. Peak hour - in weekdays increase the cpu from 8 to12 and memory 16 to 32 between 6pm to 10pm. Also Increase disk 10gb unsure if it can be decreased.
  2. As per threshold - So Cpu or Memory reaches 90% than increase them. Also same for Disk.
    Can you please provide a proper channel to understand vertical scaling in morphues ? as i am unable to locate guide on it.
    From Instance → Runtime → Scale → Schedule

The functionality isn’t Vertical Scaling, it’s Horizontal scaling. You’ve listed your min and max the same amount so nothing will ever occur.

Yeah i got that but i was asking how exactly we can do vm (vmware based) vertical scaling in Morpheus (auto scaling) ? Now i doubt if Morpheus supports vertical scaling at all for instances ?

Using the action reconfigure (or applying guidance) allows a systems resources to be scaled up or down. There is no automatic vertical scaling as your machine would continuously need to reboot to apply a decrease.