More Advanced VMWare Provisioning Features

We have some users who are asking for more advanced provisioning features. Some want think/thick provisioning on disks. Some others are wanting independent persistent disks. And we are going to have some users who are using SR-IOV adaptors. I am not sure how we are going to be able to manage these VMs in Morpheus. Is there a possibility of supporting these kinds of things in Morpheus going forward?

Hi Mark,

  1. Thin/thick is already selectable if you check “Enable Storage Type Selection” on the cloud:


  1. Independent / Persistent Disks has an Idea posted here.

  2. SR-IOV unsure if that can be passed as a vmx param that Morpheus supports on the VM/Node Types or if it can be a post task for the time being to enable.

Okay I just voted for the Independent/Persistent Disk one. The SR-IOV, it’s an adaptor type in vCenter (a la e1000, VMXNET). But, it doesn’t show up in the options list in vCenter unless it’s enabled in vCenter and of course enabled on the ESXi host itself. I have been wondering if someone knocks a VM out with VMXNET3, and then changes the adaptor type in vCenter (or perhaps adds additional adaptors meant to be SR-IOV), how Morpheus would “deal” with that kind of thing. But we do anticipate that some of these tenants are going to come on board wanting the SR-IOV adaptors on their VMs so that they don’t have to scale out their VMs due to network bottlenecks. And we are wondering how this would work with Morpheus (would they need to run outside of Morpheus altogether? Perhaps on their own cloud/cluster)? Or, can we provision them outside of Morpheus and do a Convert to Managed? (we have one tenant in that situation now). Or can we provision them inside Morpheus (we cannot today if they use those interface types, or maybe we can but we would need to vCenter the VMs to fix the adaptor types)? We are trying to figure out what to do with these types of VMs wrt Morpheus.

I forgot that you guys added that Thin/Thick. Which is great btw.