Using Image Builder to create an Ubuntu 22.04 Image

Hi Community

Has anyone ever been able to successfully create an Ubuntu 22.04 image using the Image Builder tool?

I think there is a problem with the timing when the boot script is executed. I found out by pure coincidence that the boot script is only executed when the instance creation is considered as complete. At this point the installation wizard is already automatically advanced and does not accept the path of the preseed script at the correct time. I could see the automatic typing when I accidentally call the installation shell in the installation wizard. As I know it should bi entered when th grub loader is visible in the beginning.

I am trying to create an image with the ubuntu iso file. I feel the mechanisms worked fine (create VM, attach iso, boot, assign IP via DHCP, etc.) except as mentioned the timing of the boot script. It would make sense not to have to modify the ISO file after downloading it. I was succesfully able to create an Image with packer on th elocal Computer, now I want to adopt everything to Morpheus.

Before I make a bug report, I wanted to ask the community if anyone had experience with Image Builder and Ubuntu 22.04.

for all who are interested or have the same problem: I opened a case last week. After the problem was reproduced, the case is now declared as “Dev. Pending”