Image creation for Rocky 8

does anyone have the steps to prepare a Rocky 8 OS Image for Morpheus? I have no luck grabbing the ip address to the vm. (network wait)

Hi Alberto!

@ncelebic works on a lot of image builds for Morpheus. I believe he had to overcome issues to get Rocky 8 going, so I’ll let him jump in when he gets a moment.

Is this after the installation and reboot?

I’ll be honest, I mostly copied a working CentOS 8 kickstart I already had, and it worked perfectly. I have a working version of the ks.cfg in our repo: morpheus-automation-examples/ks.cfg at main · gomorpheus/morpheus-automation-examples · GitHub

this is during the provisioning face, in the network wait step. I´ll take a look to your ks.cfg configuration file.

Hi @alberto_castro , did this end up solving your ask?

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Hi @cbunge, yes I got from there and here Creating a Morpheus VMware Image — Morpheus Docs documentation few remaining pre-requisites. Now I have working a Rocky Image.

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