Vmware image distribution

Hello expert,
I have to manage custom vmware image without using template library . My company want to have all its image pushed toward vmware cluster prior to having then deployed.
Thus, i have to find a way to push my freshly maid ova created by packer on all our nearly 40 clusters around the world.
Is there a way that morpheus can help me with this ?

best regards,

Hi Matthieu. Will be an automation I think - possibly outside of Morpheus too.

Morpheus uploads images needed for provisioning on first use. If they are custom you need to have uploaded them to the appliance before hand.

If your company wants them all in place before provisioning, I don’t know how to achieve that without managing them in the VCenter(s) and syncing them back.

If that is not possible, it becomes a scripting task, and one which may be easier to code directly against the VCenter SDK as Morpheus will sync back any new images it finds.