Execute the shell commands after machine provisioned

Need some help on process to execute the shell commands to install the docker in the Rockey Linux machines once it provisioned. I have created a with all the commands and added the task in new workflow. The workflow is added to the blueprint and execute blueprint to build the machines. But i couldn’t the machines is getting the commands executed

https://apidocs.morpheusdata.com/reference/executeexecutionrequest - this API endpoint will allow you to execute commands on instances, containers, or hosts on the fly

If you need help debugging the workflow - it could be failing to run fully or something else could potentially be going wrong - then feel free to raise a case via the support portal. The more information you can share with us to help us replicate the issue, the better.

A quick way to get an overview of the software installed on an instance is by navigating to the Runtime > Software tab. On the server, it’s just the Software tab.