Terraform Blue print questions

Terraform Blueprint questions

  1. Is it possible to add option types

  2. list options as variables to select from lists, like cloud instance types where we can provide fewer instance types.

  3. How to run other tasks with a terraform-based blueprint like configuration or DNS record creation in AD DNS.

Currently, that can only be done using the Terraform instance type. You can attach option types and provisioning workflows to those to accomplish things like DNS records.

We have a guide on the TF instance types here: Getting Started with Terraform Instance Types — Morpheus Docs documentation (morpheusdata.com)

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Also, you can achieve this with the service catalog (regardless of the instance/blueprint) as all inputs are manually added to those catalog items, and you would have to attach your own form fields.

many thanks, @sjabro and @cbunge

I believe that would only cover the option types and not a provisioning workflow. So if all you need is to be able to inject variables at runtime the catalog item method would work.