Creating Apps via the API does not allow informing Terraform variables


When creating Catalog Item Type of type Blueprint by the Morpheus API, there is the possibility of informing the appSpec (string) thus making it possible to define values for the Terraform variables declared in the Blueprint.

The same does not happen with the API for creating APPs, making it impossible to define Terraform variables at the time of their creation.

Defining the values for the Terraform variables when creating the App is only available when done via the Web interface (Provisioning → Apps → ADD) as shown in the attachment.


Please find the API payload to define the values for the Terraform variables when creating the App.

Uri: /app/apps
method: Post

  "id": 10,
  "autoValidate": true,
  "terraform": {
    "refreshMode": "manual",
    "backendType": "internal",
    "timeoutMode": "one-hour",
    "configType": "spec"
  "type": "terraform",
  "category": "App",
  "needsReset": true,
  "name": "XXXXXXXXX",
  "group": {
    "id": 6,
    "code": ""
  "environment": "Dev",
  "templateParameter": {

The requested tests were performed and the application was successfully provisioned using the API call with the suggested changes.
It is not yet possible to use map or object variable types in this way. It was observed that the API only accepts simple variables ( string, int ), even so, we believe that it is already possible to integrate with other systems.